About Us

On 14 January, 1991 Ricardo Indacochea opened Indacochea & Asociados in a reduced two room office in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Years later, the team grew, its vision broadened, the challenges appeared and soon enough the offices became smaller.

With a team of four people Indacochea & Asociados moved to a larger office. Notwithstanding, the team of lawyers continued to grow facing new challenges and, in less than 10 years a modern two-story building was constructed breaking the traditional one -lawyer-one-office style of those days.

With a staff of 22 lawyers and legal assistants, and thanks to the continued growth in its Client base as well as considering the perspectives the next years, Indacochea & Asociados expanded –once again- its offices in order to provide and maintain the level of services recognized by its Clients and peers. In 2015, Indacochea & Asociados constructed a four story building of offices equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which has already become an iconic landmark in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Indacochea & Asociados