Business Promotions: In 2013 contributions of prizes and taxes of Business Promotions by companies grew more than 100%

According to the Autoridad de Fiscalización y Control Social del Juego (AJ) in a year its collections increased in Bs. 4,7 million.

Since the Authority approved the Resolution No. 01-00008-13 which regulates and standardizes requiriments and procedure in order to obtain authorizations for business promotions, companies have been forced to comply with these new requiriments, which are intended to produce greater confidence and credibility to the final consumer in any promotion.

According to reports of 2013 growth was generated not only in monetary terms but also in the number of request for promotions applied by companies. According to data issued by the AJ, last year the companies contributions of prizes reached its highest peak with a total income approximately of Bs. 281 million. 10% of the amount collected, equivalent to BS. 28.000.000, corresponds to the gaming tax.

We encourage companies to comply strictly with the procedures,terms and dispositions issued by the AJ in order to carry out a good corporate behavior.