Connection: The main topic at TEDxSantaCruzdelaSierra.

Around six hundred attendees enjoyed the experience of TEDxSantaCruzdelaSierra  receiving ideas worth sharing.

Once again and with great pride Indacochea & Asociados sponsored a TED event where 16 speakers, a group composed of outstanding professionals, students and artists spoke about how they connect with themselves, their community and the world.

Speakers used this platform to address topics such as: the importance of exercising one´s passion to inspire, getting out of our comfort zone to generate a balance in our lives, how to use logic and mathematical thinking to trace a lifestyle, the empowerment of gender identity, identifying passions and emotions to counteract adversities through neurocognitive stimulation; crisis-management as a method of self-improvement, among others.

“IA is honored to join TEDx once again (we participated in TEDxPlazuelaCallejas back in 2017), due to the importance it has in the generation of young entrepreneurs who are agents of innovation inside companies and their community.”, stated Andere Indacochea, partner at IA.