Cyberattacks Increase due to the pandemic.

Juan Pablo Sanchez – Associate

Bolivia is currently listed as one of the most vulnerable countries in the region for cyberattacks. This is because of the number of cyberattack cases, the safety measures applied and the amount of cyberattacks that have been avoided. Unfortunately, users in Bolivia have shown that safety measures are not properly applied against these attacks, nor importance is given to them, and truth be told, users think they can’t  be a target.

The current Health Emergency in Bolivia has forced us to apply home office, having to use different work habits with no physical interaction, with the support of the Information and Communication Technologies – ICT´s. These tools allow us to maintain work activities and communication with clients and suppliers, with the objective to continue the economic activities of companies during this period. Nevertheless, the use of ICT´s and home office allows and boosts the cyberattacks menace, through information theft, servers intervention and hacking.

To that effect, it is necessary to give the proper relevance to cyber attacks threats which can take place during this Health Emergency and given Bolivia´s vulnerability. Additionally, it is necessary to apply safety measure and procedures in light of potential cyberattacks that can take place. These meaures vary of course, but a few that we recommend: (i) cyber protection softwares, such as firewalls and double authentication processes; (ii) personal Security Procedures, such as e-mail confirmation  through direct calls. And particularly with bank transfers, we advise: (i) verify that the e-mail address fits with the usual sender; (ii) validate the bank information with the account owner; (iii) mistrust any change given in the bank information and validate any change with the account owner via telephone.