Enacted Regulations COVID-19

Since the Declaration of Sanitary Emergency throughout the Plurinational State of Bolivia a series of national and municipal regulations have been enacted with the purpose of containing the proliferation of COVID-19.

Below, we provide a detailed and complete report of the scope and implications for the private sector of each regulation:

Enacted Regulations March 20, 2020

Enacted Regulations March 27, 2020

Enacted Regulations April 3, 2020

Enacted Regulations April 11, 2020

We will await to the evolution of the next days and will immediately inform any update of the regulations to be followed at the municipal, departmental and national levels.

This document contains a compendium of the main regulations in force in the national territory. For a complete report on the implications and application of the information that it entails, please contact the email: indacochea@indaocochea.com