Indacochea & asociados, Abogados becomes the single Law Firm representative of Bolivia to join MERITAS, Law Firm Worldwide.

The world-renowned alliance of Law Firms enlist through direct invitation the best law firms in more than 85 countries.

We are pleased to announce that MERITAS, Law Firm Worldwide nominated and then, as part of the selection process, Indacochea & asociados, Abogados as member of its extensive and award-winning independent network of Law Firms. Founded in 1990, over the years MERITAS has established a presence in over 85 countries, bringing together around 180 law firms with approximately around 7,000 lawyers.

It is important to take into account that the above mentioned network has as main objective to serve as the main filter and point of reference to companies and corporate clients, choosing the best Law Firms in each country. In addition, it generates business opportunities, monitors and improves quality standards of the service of its members and shares knowledge in the legal area in different jurisdictions.

The constant commitment to quality and excellence of MERITAS, Law Firm Worldwide is guaranteed and supported thanks to the existence of a rigorous system of adhesion that begins only by direct invitation of the top managers, who in turn proceed to the evaluation of the experience, quality of service and satisfaction of its customers. Only Legal Firms that comply with the principles of the Quality Assurance Program of MERITAS are favored and certified as members.