Indacochea & Asociados adds more professionals to their lawyers team.

Jeannine Lozada joins as an associate to  IA´s team to strengthen the corporate and labor area.

Having  completed her studies  at the Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra and after obtaining her law degree  with honors, Jeanine who has held the position of legal assistant for 4 years, which  allowed her to acquire skills and experience in matters related to the day to day of corporate legal practice, is now part of the team of associates that make up the Corporate and Labor Departments.

In this sense, Jeannine is assisting both national and international clients in every step related to the creation, administration, expansion and / or closure (liquidation) of a Company. Her main area of ​​action is the preventive analysis and preparation of labor  and social security audits, allowing customers to take better control in their hiring practices and therefore optimal administrative performance of staff. She has solid knowledge regarding the application of social security norms, for the application of Short Term Social Security (Caja de Salud) and Long Term Social Security (AFPs), avoiding fines and penalties to customers.

“It´s of great satisfaction to IA, to be part of the professional growth of each of its members, the perseverance, commitment and proactiveness of Jeannine as well as her commitment to the Law Firm were determining factors at the time of hiring.” said Andere Indacochea, Partner of IA.