New associates joins the Indacochea & Asociados team.


Barbra Andersag, Alejandro Carrasco and Franklin Tellez strengthen our Tax, Corporate, Labor, Litigation, and Legaltech and Startups Departments.

IA team continues to grow. In this opportunity we welcome as associates Barbra Andersag, Alejandro Carrasco and Franklin Tellez, who were working as legal assistants in parallel to their university studies.

Barbra graduated with honors, she defenses of her thesis degree that proposed the implementation of the Right to be Forgotten in the Bolivian legislation. Alejandro completed his undergraduate studies with a mention in excellence with the analysis of the regulation of Cryptocurrencies in the Bolivian Legislation. Also, Franklin Tellez, defended his degree exam that evaluated the knowledge acquired, as well as the critical sense in the application of theory to practical cases.

“Throughout our university career, the firm taught us that the dedication and search for perfection in each job undertaken is essential to achieve our goals. Likewise, we were able to expand our knowledge by complementing the theory of law with practice on the business implications of clients. We are sure that we will follow the same path when advising clients of IA”, both professionals specified.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be part, now as an associate, of IA. I hope to create bonds of trust with clients and, in turn, solve the problems for which they hire us, neatly and with the level of excellence that representing Indacochea & Asociados implies.” indicates Alejandro Carrasco.

As for Barbra, she understands what “the challenge of being part of a team of renowned professionals” and indicates “I am very excited to be part of the Firm as an associate and to be able to contribute to its growth alongside its principles, ethics, and constant innovation. Thank you for allowing me to grow with you.”

“I am thrilled to be able to take on this new challenge in my life in a law firm of high hierarchy and ethical professionalism. Since my first days at IA -four years ago- as a legal assistant, I have been able to rub shoulders with first class professionals who have taught me legal and technical knowledge that has allowed me to polish my professional profile and set me on the path to a promising future.” says Franklin Tellez.

Partner Andere Indacochea maintains that “It is an essential requirement at Indacochea & Asociados not only to demonstrate excellent academic performance but also skills and knowledge for the needs of our clients to become part of the Team. Alejandro, Barbra and Franklin have soaked up the IA way of doing things and today we applaud their incorporation at the firm that seeks to strengthen the different areas and services that we provide”.