Indacochea & Asociados provides permanent legal advice to its Clients in the tax area offering legal opinions regarding matters of concern which require a position in relation to the interpretation and application tax regulations, taxes, levies and internal processes derivatives thereof, in force during the development of their activities. Indacochea & Asociados works closely with Clients in order to adequately fulfill tax regulations or, alternatively, to identify and rectify internal tax processes that could generate sanctions by the Tax Administration.

The lawyers of Indacochea & Asociados work together with external auditing firms in order to provide Clients not only with legal counsel, but also in what regards to tax and financial advice.

Our specialized Tax Department advises international and local Clients on possible tax contingencies in any specific operation, as well as on tax planning for companies to be incorporated, new entities or projects with long experience which plan further investment or economic deals besides the tax effects on mergers, acquisitions and international operations, tax impacts on financial products and other operations of similar scope.